15 Blogs Extolling the Virtues of Reflexology

by Jacqui Barrie

Reflexology, an ancient holistic treatment originating in the East, came to the Western hemisphere in 1890 and was introduced as an actual form of treatment in 1930. This treatment applies pressure to specific points on the foot, hand or ear that correlate to a specific part of the body. As in acupuncture, the belief is that when the body’s chi is blocked it causes health problems. Reflexology is said to be able to get rid of these blocks. Most people find reflexology sessions very relaxing. For more information on how reflexology works, read these 15 blog articles.


Traditional reflexology is performed on the feet and ankles. There are special techniques used in reflexology to properly stimulate each area of the foot, which is connected to another part of the body. To find out more about this fascinating alternative treatment, read these five blog posts.

Health Benefits of Reflexology By massaging your feet you can improve your overall wellness and encourage the body to heal itself.
Health Benefits of Foot Reflexology This blog post relates reflexology to acupuncture, and shows how certain areas on the foot correspond to other areas in the body.
Tag Archives: Health Benefits of Foot Reflexology By pressing on specific areas of the foot you can have improved digestion, headache relief and even pain reduction, according to this article.
Benefits of Foot Reflexology After a reflexology session you should feel a deep relaxation, as well as a reduction in acute pain.
Benefits of Foot Reflexology You can experience improved circulation after a reflexology foot massage.


Hand reflexology is similar to foot reflexology in that all of the same coordinating areas can be found on the hand as well as the foot. Many people prefer having their hands rubbed during reflexology treatments. Relaxation is one of the primary goals of hand reflexology, and the practice has often
been compared to meditation. For more techniques and a chart, take a look at these five blog entries.

Benefits of Hand Reflexology You can relieve sinus and allergy symptoms by massaging and applying pressure to the fingers.
What is Hand Reflexology? Hand reflexology promotes the same benefits as meditation, and can also relieve constipation.
The Benefits of Hand Reflexology The results of hand reflexology are similar to those of foot reflexology and the technique is easier for a person to perform on themselves.
The Health Benefits of Hand Reflexology There are 46 parts of the body represented on your hands, and you can focus on each of these during reflexology treatments.
Benefits of Hand Reflexology Watch this video to get an idea of how a reflexology session would go.


While the ear is smaller than a hand or foot, there are still many areas on the ear that can be connected to other parts of the body. In fact, in 1990 there were 91 different points on the ear that were defined. Motion sickness in particular can be helped by ear reflexology, since the ear is important for balance. Check out these five blog articles to learn more about ear reflexology.

Reflexology Ear Chart You can watch a video and look at a chart to determine where you should apply pressure to stimulate different areas of the body.
Ear Reflexology In 1990 the WHO (World Health Organization) defined 91 auricular points on the ear.
Ear Reflexology There are different points on the ear that correspond to the rest of the body that, when stimulated, can help clear infection and reduce pain.
Ear This is a free chapter on reflexology and treating certain ailments using ear reflexology.
Ear Reflexology and Hypothalamus Ear reflexology can be a complementary treatment to traditional medicine and can relieve certain symptoms of an illness.

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