10 Fat Burning Secrets You Can Apply Right Now

These “Fat Burning Secrets” are real world strategies, tips and tricks you can use right now to get started and drop at least 2 lbs each week!

If you apply those 10, or even just some of them, all your friends will want to know your "secret"!
If you feel like it, you can refer them to this article !;-)

Here we go:

1. Eat lots of “Crucifers”

Cruciferous Vegetables are for example: Broccoli, Cauliflower, Brussels Sprouts etc.

They can taste great, fill you right up and are very healthy.
They’re best raw or lightly steamed, never boiled.

2. Enjoy tons of Legumes

Legumes are basically beans and lentils: they are a bit like the crucifers in that they stuff you up and are totally great for your health.

3. Watch the Glycemic Index of foods

You can find Glycemic Index tables on the net everywhere, the best is to have food below 50 and below on those charts.

4. Have some Protein with most meals
Cheese, Eggs, Greek Yogurt, Mozzarella…
Protein cuts appetite and helps detox the body.

5. Get used to counting Calories

Here’s the Formula: future bodyweight in pounds x 10 = your daily calories. So if you are at 200 pounds but want to get to 160, it’s 1600 cal a day for you!

6. Use effective Fat-Burning Exercises at the right times

In the mornings before breakfast, do 3-5 30 Second-Sprints with 120 seconds rest from sets to set.

Then try some 3-5 2 Minute-Runs, with short, 30 second rest-intervals.

7. Have your foodies at the right times, too!
You shouldn’t eat 4 hours before bed. Then postpone your breakfast for 3 hours, and do your training then.

8. And have them at the right frequency

That means eat not more often than every 3-4 hours or so.
In the above example of 1600 calories, that would make 3-4 meals of around 400 calories roughly every 2-4 hours.

9. Try some Fat-Burning Supplements

But we’re talking the ones that actually work and are good for you, like Omega 3, Fenugreek, Gymmnema Sylvestre and Turmeric for example. All good for you stuff, and they sure do support your fat burning efforts!

10. Have Organic Coffee and Green Tea!
Yes, they’re healthy (if they’re organic) and cut appetite to boot. Plus they give you a nice energy kick when needed.

There you have it, 10 fat burning secrets to get started on dropping those pounds today

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